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the reform will happen. >> bill: all right. i'm going to give charles another minute because i want to get his opinion on the libyan situation. now it's james clapper, president obama's national security guy who is saying, oh, it's me. i sent rice out there and i took out all the al-qaeda stuff. i'm not buying it. none of this adds up. mccain isn't buying it. are you buying it? >> i'm not buying it because the chairman of the intelligence committee said a week ago in classified testimony that same clapper said that they had no idea who changed the talking points and now a week later he says he did? that's kind of strange. >> bill: a lot of lying going on here. >> i mean, i've seen amnesia in my day in my clinical days and that one is pretty quick of the one week. >> bill: okay. again, i know you don't play a psychiatrist on tv, but there has got to be a reason behind this. any theory on what's behind this crazy stuff? , this there are a lot of theories, burr all i know is that in the ends, the narrative spun by susan rice and continued by the president afterwards for days and days afterwar
. but compared to the government and -- >> bill: chris christie and obama were there right away. were they not? >> were they -- the red cross had served a million meals to people. they've sheltered hundreds of people. >> bill: since the storm hit? >> like they got criticized for not moving people out. a 90-year-old woman is bedridden. she needs help moving. the red cross, says we don't do that. well, they don't. >> bill: you're saying that the red cross, even though they were slow, were better than fema? >> well, fema just raised so much money, we heard the story about the second storm coming and the fema trailer being closed. they also put people up in $300 a night hotel rooms, one in manhattan, very elegant. we asked them about it and they say, well, it's just temporary. and how about the machine broadcast system? another government action? it's never been used successfully. wasn't used during 9-11. and -- >> bill: how much does that cost? >> hunks of millions of dollars. >> bill: we have a system that cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and in this case, it came what, two days late? >> th
thing about president obama, he has an obsession with the middle east that jimmy carter had, bill clinton had, but the interesting thing about president obama, and he calls the shots, its his did diplomacy, and we're coming in late with 12 years of advocation. >> hillary clinton is in the region. is it too little, too late? egypt has certainly been in the forefront of these kinds of talks? >> yeah, that's what she's doing doing. meeting tonight, two hours with benjamin netanyahu, and senior officials, foreign minister, et cetera. and then she goes tomorrow, wednesday, to ramallah, where she meets with mahmoud abbas and cairo. and that's really the key, one of the keys, because the -- mohamed morsi has influence with hamas and hopefully can do something. i think that he's right. they haven't been able to really change much of anything, and now the president who didn't want to get involved for a while or found that it was kind of useless not going anyplace is involved by sending dramatically the secretary of state. >> at some point, do you see the recognition of some sort of hamas?
was interesting in the obama campaign, bill would send these notes out saying barack obama's a bigger china basher than mitt romney. you saw a kind of fake -- nobody's talking about china now, but it was a real red meat issue during the debate. remember talking about china? it's disappeared, but as you raised it, and i want to come back to something with michael's initiative, thinking about the harvard business school, hard talking about china? a billion people coming on line. i was in a dipper, and i can't quote it off the record, bono, the opening forum for us the night before last for the washington ideas forum, talkedded about china, and bono said if we're not careful, china will annex the continent of africa, that there's so much deep investment, they got so much concern, so much strategic interest across the way, and america's largely in the area, and that brings back the question. michael, if we get this stuff right, this is directed just at making us feel good, or do you actually gain ground in a competitive environment against china? >> we absolutely gain ground. back to steve. we have re
will the administration do? is obama going to appoint an envoy? people throw around bill clinton's name but he and netanyahu don't a great relationship. if space is created to have a conversation. that would be the hope. this wouldn't a pause but it would be a moment to stop and start actually having a real conversation. >> shannon: that is it on this topic but up next, labor unions flexing their muscles. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be thsame. with our 1-hour in stock arantee, get here between 10 and 11, and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart. >>> we filed that complaint last week and now it's in the hands of the labor board. we'll let them sort that out and figure out. we think what they are doing is illegal. they have been doing the demonstrations for more than 30 days. but this week, like i said, we are focused like a laser on black friday and it will be an awesome day. >> shannon: that was wal-mart spokesperson david tobar. here from the department of public affairs -- the office of g
was on bill burns even a list. bill woods in these notes out saying barack obama is a bigger china basher than mitt romney. mitterrand is not a genuine china basher but we are. so you saw a kind of -- now is a but china now but it was a real red meat issue during the debate. does everybody remember talking about china? it's disappeared. as you have raised them and want to come back to something michel initiate a think about harvard business school. what, we're talking about china, a billion people come online. we are at a dinner the other night, i can't quote the specific record of the other, bono, the ceo of bank of america guided a discussion about china. bono said, i can put them, bono said if we're not careful china will annex the continent of africa. that, that there's so much deeper investment, there's so much concern, there's so much strategic interest across the way, and america's largely absent your which comes back these questions. michel kohn if we get this stuff right, isn't directed just making us feel good or you gain ground in a competitive environment against china? >> we asked
if anyone is therefore sort of a second choice or doesn't enjoy the confidence of president obama. >> donna, do you think bill clinton would be a good choice? do you think he'd want to do it? and if he didn't, who do you think would be a good second choice? >> well, tony blair has also played a constructive role. i mean, i believe that all hands on deck. i mean, george mitchell, former senator mitchell also has been instrumental in this whole process. we need to bring as many players to the table to get both sides. but i agree we have to get hamas to renounce violence, to recognize israel's existence and to follow the u.n. benchmarks. and that's going to take time for president morsi, egyptian president morsi, to ensure hamas live up to its agreement especially with the cease-fire. >> david, who would you send? >> i don't think it matters. i don't think this is about personalities. this is a structural conflict. and peace will come when -- the kind of peace we're talking about will come when the palestinians make a strategic decision for peace. but what we can look forward to in the interim
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to read something you wrote. you said the democratic party embraced wall street following in bill clinton's footsteps. president obama and congressional democrats did not reach for the boom stick instead they sought the counsel of those insiders who had demanded the deregulation of the markets in '90s and talk about ram emanuel and geithner and larry summers. how do we get to rereform then? we had an opportunity to do something. >> we did. and this is the thing that keeps me up at night is sort of thinking about the situation that we are in. we had the debt obligations. there was a huge derivatives market that ballooned in -- you know, from the late part of the '90s all the way through 2008. it almost collapsed, that derivatives market almost collapsed and then ballooned back up again. there was an opportunity to reform with dodd-frank. the pieces never got passed. part of what i'm trying to do in this book is outline the way in which party politics depends -- it -- the party politics in the u.s. is built on a rock split down the middle and has everything to do with banks. first and secon
president obama, he really doesn't have -- there's a kind of obsession with the middle east that jimmy carter had, bill clinton had, and even bush was interested in the diplomacy of freedom. the interesting thing about president obama, and he calls the shots, it's his diplomacy, the middle east doesn't tug at him so we have come into this late. there are 12 years of abdication. >> to that point, jill dougherty, hillary clinton is in the region. what are you hearing from the state department? what can she really do at this point? is it too little, too late? it certainly seems like egypt has been in the forefront of these kind of talks. >> yeah. and that's what she's doing. she's meeting obviously tonight two hours with benjamin netanyahu and all of those senior officials, foreign minister, et cetera. but then she goes tomorrow, wednesday, to ramallah where she meets with mahmoud abbas, then she goes to cairo. that's really the key, one of the keys, because mohammed morsi can speak and has influence with hamas, and hopefully can do something. but i think fuad is right, they haven't been
-max hybrid. >>> by the way, thomas jefferson's on the $2, not the $20 bill. earlier today we showed you the fun that david letterman had on chris christie's expense last night. as you know, a lot of republicans feel christie hugged president obama a bit too tightly after the hurricane came through. among those who don't share those sentiments are new jersey residents. look at this. a new poll by national research has christie's approval rating sky high, 77%, up from the 50s before this. nobody gets numbers like that. in case you think that numbers comes from smirkey democrats, republicans approve 9-1, again how good policy makes pretty good politics. new prilosec otc wildberry is the same frequent heartburn treatment as prilosec otc. now with a fancy coating that gives you a burst of wildberry flavor. now why make a flavored heartburn pill? because this is america. and we don't just make things you want, we make things you didn't even know you wanted. like a spoon fork. spray cheese. and jeans made out of sweatpants. so grab yourself some new prilosec otc wildberry. [ male announcer ] o
to the economy. according to a new study the fiscal cliff could give 90% of americans new tax bills when the bush tax rates and some by president obama would both end. the working poor would be among the hardest hit. a tax policy center analysis showed a married couple making about $30,000 a year would on average go from receiving a $15 tax credit to owing $1400. >> wow. >> yeah. that's probably a reason to try and get something done? >> maybe we will. maybe we will. >> you would think. >> yeah. or maybe we can just talk about 2016. >> we could do that as well. how are you doing, willie? >> i'm doing well. >> good. just two weeks after the longest -- >> thanks for stopping by. >> doing well. >> you know, just two weeks after the longest, most expensive and exhausting election in u.s. history eyes are turning to 2016 as speculation begins over the next batch of candidates lining up to run for president. >> who could that be? i know it's going to be a surprise. >> i know it is too. we're moving past these dynasties. >> exactly. >> of ruled politics for decades. republican up and comer jeb bush jr.
an impact in israel was bill clinton. he almost got a peace deal. bush didn't do much. condoleezza rice failed to do something. and this is where the obama administration has leaved himself exposed. he never went to israel. i think now is probably not the time to get involved there but i think he's going to have to, in the second term, especially if these incidents show, they're going to try to do some middle east peace deal again. >> yeah, i mean you know, in addition to all of this which is a much more local conversation, we need to think in a broader sense. there's no big international moral voice on this question and i think until we have that kind of unquestionable, moral voice with an honest broker as well as a spiritual dimension this isn't going to get resolved by different types of policies. the record is clear. >> tim mak i want to ask you does the president see this as an opportunity to be the moral voice that tricia rose just talked to? >> if he does see the opportunity, he isn't really seizing on it. you
with the bill and that is going to lead to higher premiums. an enormous task of the obama administration. they have to issue these new rules. they postponed them until after the election, now they are starting to role them out. they have to educate the public, it will be very difficult to do. and politically dies see, you have a lot of governors who don't want to guy anywhere near this healthcare law. gregg: speaking of the republican governor they say look we are not going to set up the state healthcare exchanges. that is one more burden the federal government is putting upon us. how big of a wrinkle is that in implementing obamacare. >> it's a big wrinkle. the supreme court threw in a big wrinkle. the medicaid expansion is optional. a lot of governors are not going for that option although they get a fair amount of money if they did sign up. that will lead to fewer people -pb being inch insured. educating people to get into these programs has long been a problem. a lot of children who were eligible were not enrolled. >> mckenzie and company worldwide came out with a stunning report. th
is footing 90% to 100% of the bill to give health insurance to the uninsured. that, my friend, is utterly crazy, irrational position. >> let me just quickly say, not all republican governors are appealing obama care. that's something that needs to be stressed as well. >> the point is they're trying to block this very important piece of obama care. then you also have, you know, today john boehner saying, you know, just reloading and saying, we're going to go right back to trying to figure out new tactics to repeal obama care. >> foolish. that's a foolish statement, foolish tactic and i'll be the first to say it. the american people have spoken. the american people say we want this president to run for another four years, be in the white house. the supreme court has spoken on this. i don't understand why speaker boehner would say something like that. >> i bet you a dollar to a doughnut the republican governors will back down within two to three years. no way any republican governor, even if they're a far right governor l say no to the opportunity to insure millions of people for ten cents t
than bill clinton. so this idea that somehow he had his first term marie did not get much done is not right. >> everybody talks about lbj and clinton in particular. greeks losers. why can't obama be like him. clinton did not get health care passed. >> lbj, what he did. everything from medicare to the voting rights act. last word. i think it's going to be a very interesting for years and we are all going to learn about the architecture of this man. i love what you said about immigration. let me add one philosophical love. aristotle defines -- defines justice as the word used for integrity. in the complex life a person learns to integrate the competing parts of the human personality, and only then, he says, will you have the capacity to act justly. the question for obama is how he will express that or if you will in this new term. >> that the integrated life that we do here, but the second term. so thank you all very much. [applause] >> great. wonderful. >> thank you. >> thank you. now i know more about what obama is really like. >> more now from last week's washington ideal foru
who makes the laws. caller: president obama could not put anything in there before his term going out. i have been following this for years. usually the incoming president has bills that the previous president left. on this president's way out, congress would not let him put any deals in. they put enough in there to finish his term. host: the president has been reelected and will be back in next year. but i appreciate the call. i want to point to an obituary in the new york times today on the death of warren redmon. he dies at age 82. the sometimes combative centrist republican senator from new hampshire. you will be seeing those obituaries in several papers today. coming up next, a top supreme court reporter david savage will join us to talk about some of that the-profile cases an accord will be taking up. and later, phyllis bennis will take a closer look at where u.s. troops are deployed around the world, and not just in the middle east. first, turning back to warren rudman. he was a moderate republican senator from new hampshire. he was 82 years old when he died. he sat down with c
so we can pay some of the bills he has run up. that is going to be necessary. knott obama's $5 trillion. he did it. we are going to have to pay it rather do that through growth than the higher taxes the but slow the economic growth. >> i would like to talk more about this dual mandate that you referred to and of the three quick propositions to see how they sort of come together. the first is coming and i've written this many times, presidential elections are referendums on the incumbent party and in that vein such as the case as i believe it is, then you have to say that it's a judge to by the electorate was not a tremendous perhaps lackluster but not so as to make him ineligible for rehiring. second, when the country is in a serious political deadlock of the kind that we are in now and it's happened in our history but it doesn't happen often it generally means that the deadlock is focused on a definition question of america, and the definition question faced in this country is that we are going to go towards a european style of social democracy or more towards the traditional
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)